Touch a Life Fund

Which of us has not felt, at one time or another, the desire to help someone whose needs strike a special chord for us. We hear about families made homeless by fire or flood, children bravely facing illness or death, family members ravaged by illness, despair, confusion. And we wish we could help .

The Touch a Life Fund is a project of the United Way of New Canaan, Inc. It was established in 1998 to provide emergency assistance to those in need in the Town of New Canaan as identified by the Department of Human Services. To date over $40,000 has been used to assist people in New Canaan with telephone, fuel and medical bills, camperships, clothing, school supplies, counseling, crisis services, and many other items.

To learn more about the Touch a Life Fund or to make a donation, please call the United Way of New Canaan, Inc. at (203) 966-4447 or e-mail us at