The United Way of New Canaan, Inc. was incorporated as the New Canaan Fund on April 7, 1955 to address the fundraising needs of four local charitable organizations – the “Y” Extension, the Girl Scouts, the Salvation Army, and the Stamford Hospital and to do and promote charitable work in the Town of New Canaan and its vicinity. In 1974 the corporation formally became the United Way of New Canaan, Inc.

Building on our roots, today’s mission is to “Improve Community Life.” This mission is accomplished with a proven process that includes:

  • A regular and continuing assessment of our community’s current and emerging
    human service needs.
  • An annual local fundraising campaign to support community needs.
  • An allocation process that includes an annual review of agencies and programs by United Way board and community volunteers to ensure that funds are used in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
  • We also act as a catalyst for change to launch and participate in community
    problem-solving initiatives and act as a liaison in the community.

With this time-tested process we have made a measurable impact in our community.

  • To date over $14 million has been distributed to partner agencies. These agencies provide programs that help children and youth; strengthen and support families; meet basic and emergency needs; and support vulnerable individuals.
  • And over the years, more than just distributing funds, we have played a key role in establishing the Senior Center, Teen Center, the Youth Commission, and opening the Volunteer Center in New Canaan. We also established the Touch A Life fund, which works with the Department of Human Services to bring emergency help to individuals living in New Canaan. ACCESS New Canaan, our latest effort, is in the process of promoting, not only services, but also a Commission for People with Disabilities.



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